• Removes germs and mold from A/C & HEATER SYSTEM.
  • Generates fine smoke particle that reaches and penetrates all air-routes of A/C system for perfect antibiotics and deodorization. 
  • Using Baking Soda and Natural Thyme Oil for effective antibacterial performance. 
  • Patented Neutra-Tech Technology effectively neutralizes and removes bad odor in the car. 
  • Effects last for 2~3 months. (Fragrance lasts for about 7 days.)

Bullsone Saladdin Car Fumigation Deodorizer for A/C system_Scent-free

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  • Specification: 5.82 oz


    5 Ingredients NOT added in Saladdin
    CMIT/MIT : Restricted substances set by the Ministry of Environment
    PCMX : Substances that can cause acute respiratory distress syndrome when inhaled
    Formaldehyde : Class 1 carcinogen
    5 phthalates* : Environmental hormones
    4 parabens* : Skin/eye irritants