• Grasse is A perfume village in France with 500 years of tradition and pride producing over 6,000 different fragrances, 2/3 of French perfume compounds are produced. The homeland that embodies the spirit of perfumers itself
  • Premium air freshener with class and quality, inherited the long-standing tradition of the Grasse, the paradise of French perfumes.
  • Contains 100% pure Natural Essential Oil made in Grasse, France blended.
  • Internationally renowned Natural Essential Oil company “Charabot” in France
  • Provides drivers with deep subtle scent for pleasant driving experience.
  • Graceful design makes product a splendid accessory for any car, office, reception, waiting area and bath room

Bullsone Grasse L'Esterel_Aqua Wave

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  • Specification: 3.72 oz

    Top: Watery, Violet
    Middle: Rose, Jasmine, Muguet
    Bottom: Cedar, Amber, Musk