• H13 grade HEPA(High EfficiencyParticulate Air) filter (up to PM 2.5) - The filter removing 99.5% of 0.3μm sized ultra-fine particle(dust) is applied to the device for vehicle and small indoor spaces. The filter adopted PAS(Polymeric Antibacterial Shield) technology, which is approved by EPA(Environmental Protection Agency in USA, guarantees 99.9% of antibacterial effect. (neutralizing allergens,tobacco smoke, VOCs emitted by some paint and furnishings.)
  • The Anion generator - Experience the Pure Aire with Air Theraphy Multi Action, which generates over 2 Million Anions/cm3
  • The Fan - Powerful electric fan provides a cool airflow and maximize HEPA filter’s performance. Adjustable fan with normal & high speed
  • LED lamp automatically alarm (Blue to Red Color) - Recommended filter replacement period after 360 hrs of operating(3 hours per a day x 30 days x 4 Months)

Bullsone Air Theraphy Multi Action Plus (H13 Filter)

$49.99 Regular Price
$46.99Sale Price
  • An Air Purifier equipped with a HEPA filter
    Plus, an ionizer for Car & Indoor Spaces

    Air Theraphy Multi Action is the high performance compact and portable air purifier having high efficiency H13 grade HEPA Filter which remove 99.5% of 0.3μm ultra-fine particle(dust) as well as generation 2 million of Anions.